Jinxed myself!

I went to my midwife appointment last Monday, and we were soooo excited on how I had made zero hospital trips so far this pregnancy. 

Tuesday I wind up in the hospital with contractions every 4 minutes. Damn irritable uterus. I stayed overnight and got all the fluids and antibiotics my body could handle. I was released Wednesday morning only because I had an appointment with my specialist that they didn’t want me to miss. My cervix has stayed put! I go back this Wednesday to make sure everything is okay. Looks like my cerclage is doing its job. 

I got these sweet 3D pictures though.  

  Crazy how much she already looks like a human at 26 weeks. * I’ve made it to 27 as of Friday! 

Next obstacle is to get through this weeks storm without going into unstoppable labor. Then the full moon on July 2, apparently that’s what had set me of this week. Who knew?


I cannot believe this kid turns two on Saturday. Can someone please stop time?



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