Alex’s Black Eye.

Alex came home from daycare with a little bump on his eye and overnight (of course) it was swollen shut. When we asked Alex about it he said he fell into the playhouse, the teacher agreed. The next day we were told he fell onto a truck, and then the teacher commented that it might be a bug bite.

That being said, driving an hour every morning and afternoon to keep him in a daycare where he was familiar with the structure and his friends was no longer important. We switched him immediately and he started today.

Today was the hardest of drop offs. He was scared and hyperventilating when he walked into his classroom. The teacher consoled him, he ran back to me, and eventually sat with Hawk until he calmed down enough for us to leave. His teacher has been sweet enough to provide periodic updates for us. I’m really happy that he’s switched daycares. I feel like he’s actually going to be watched now.


Picture for reference, he looked like Quasimodo.


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